Automation and control systems for residential and hotel projects

Hughes Electra is the leader in unified building automation for world-class, new and refurbishment residential construction projects.

We provide uniquely innovative and elegant control systems using the internationally ratified KNX platform at the core. KNX is the unrivalled future of intelligent buildings and Hughes Electra has invested ten years to become is the most accomplished KNX design and contracting specialist in the UK.

Our systems are characterised by their superior feature-set, intuitive operation, ultra-high reliability and a refined architectural aesthetic. All this is achieved with efficiency and reduced contractual risk.

Future-proofing your property investment

Hughes Electra

Hughes Electra is a leader, through 10 years of experience, in delivering unified building automation for world-class, residential and hotel projects.

We design, calibrate and install control systems with the KNX platform to manage the LED lighting, heating, ventilation, blinds, door entry, remote access, leak detection…the systems are completely scalable.


Whether residential or hotel, our projects are always meticulously planned and executed with the unrivalled KNX protocol.

KNX is the most ubiquitous controls protocol worldwide and is the backbone behind the vast majority of smart installations. KNX’s prowess holds strong due to its reliability, development and versatility.


Our exceptional team of managers, designers and engineers provide the depth of expertise to support complex and demanding projects from concept to completion and ongoing operation.

Hughes Electra’s projects are a showcase for pre-site assembly techniques and we attract widespread industry praise for our delivery systems and facilities.

Fenman House, Kings Cross Campus

A fully integrated KNX solution was installed at Fenman House to manage the entirety of the building’s BMS and apartment AV :

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