35 Gilston Road, Chelsea, SW3 9SJ

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This luxury house is situated next to the opulent Boltons area and boasts a very impressive set-up.

Hughes Electra Installation

Lighting – The LED lighting was configured as a mixture of scenes and individual circuit control and the possibility for the owner to over-write the scenes with their own preferences.

Heating and ventilation – Wet underfloor heating control was installed throughout, with built-in sensors to ensure the wooden floors would not overheat. The bathrooms include warm walls, mirror demisters and MVHR boost functio, which are all controlled by a mixture of timers and presence detectors.

Switches – The GIRA switches were configured to manage the lighting and heating within the area that they were positioned. They include embedded thermostats which enable more accurate temperature management.

Touchscreens – a touchscreen is located in a central location and is used for the more advanced functions. All functions can also be controlled remotely via an app.

Door Access – A door entry unit was mounted to the wall by the front door and the homeowners could view the visitor from their phone or from one of the mounted touchscreens.

AV – SONOS speakers were installed throughout the apartment and could be controlled via the apartment touchscreen or by phone.