Albion Riverside, Battersea, SW11 4AJ

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Hughes Electra was commissioned to fit an automated building management system into a luxury flat near Albion riverside; the result was an intelligent synchronized set up comprising of LED lighting systems, under floor heating, multi medium HVAC system, fully heated bathrooms and a variety of other applications.

Hughes Electra Installation

Lighting – The LED lighting was configured as a mixture of scenes and individual circuit control and the possibility for the owner to over-write the scenes with their own preferences.

Heating and ventilation – Wet underfloor heating control was installed throughout, with built-in sensors to ensure the tiled floors would not overheat. The bathrooms include warm walls, mirror demisters and an MVHR boost, all are controlled by a mixture of timers, presence detectors and manual switches.

Blinds – A total of 42 blind motors were installed on this project and they are controlled in groups within rooms.

Switches – The Basalte switches were configured to manage the lighting, heating and blinds within the area that they were positioned. They include embedded thermostats which enable more accurate temperature management.

Remote access – an app can be used to the more advanced functions such as setting up timers, changing existing lighting scenes and monitoring energy usage.