Complete control from a single platform

Hughes Electra is the leader in unified building automation for world-class, new and refurbishment residential construction projects.

We provide uniquely innovative and elegant control systems using the internationally ratified KNX platform at the core. KNX is the unrivalled future of intelligent buildings and Hughes Electra has invested ten years to become is the most accomplished KNX design and contracting specialist in the UK.

Our systems are characterised by their superior feature-set, intuitive operation, ultra-high reliability and a refined architectural aesthetic. All this is achieved with efficiency and reduced contractual risk.

Mass production made possible via the adoption of the ubiquitous KNX protocol

About KNX

KNX is a communications protocol used to create intelligent buildings. It underpins products from over four hundred of the world’s key electrical and mechanical equipment manufacturers.

KNX compliance requires that each product from every manufacturer is guaranteed to operate seamlessly, with one another. The structure of the KNX protocol allows rapid advancement in product features whilst maintaining backward compatibility with existing products.

Pre-site assembly

Hughes Electra’s state-of-the-art pre-site assembly facilities ensure quality and precision are maintained for large projects with tight timescales. Systems are pre-built and delivered to the construction site complete, tested and pre-programmed.

The Hughes Electra boards are the building block for low-risk technical excellence and our pre-site assembly facility can deliver precision solutions for five hundred apartments a year.

Fast deployment and testing

Hughes Electra uses unique methods to optimise the speed and precision of the installation and commissioning works. Our fast deployment and testing processes are known collectively as FDAT and involves the following:

  • Pre-site system assembly, testing and programming
  • Assemblies designed for fast on-site installation
  • Computer aided on-site testing and commissioning