Electrical management relevant in every industry

Hughes Electra is the leader in unified building automation for world-class, new and refurbishment residential construction projects.

We provide uniquely innovative and elegant control systems using the internationally ratified KNX platform at the core. KNX is the unrivalled future of intelligent buildings and Hughes Electra has invested ten years to become is the most accomplished KNX design and contracting specialist in the UK.

Our systems are characterised by their superior feature-set, intuitive operation, ultra-high reliability and a refined architectural aesthetic. All this is achieved with efficiency and reduced contractual risk.

Design for tomorrow’s buidings


A modern building is a combination of two interwoven elements – the architectural and the technical. Architecture and technology executed to the highest standards are synonymous with luxury living, and a building that combine these elements to advantage will always be a joy to live in.

Ours is a real-world understanding of requirement. Every element must be concise, intuitive, dependable and perfectly architecturally integrated. These are the values of both the residential property developer and the homeowner alike.

We support the ever diverse requirements of advanced building control, whether it be car lift control, automatic bath filling, remote control app or a hibernation mode for unoccupied properties.


Hughes Electra brings to the hotel industry our inclusive concept-to-completion project delivery processes. We apply the intelligent KNX automation standard for the ultimate guest experience. Intuitive operation, reliability, longevity and superb aesthetics are the foundation of our hotel offering.

The prevalence, capability and integrity of KNX make it the ideal choice for hotel groups wishing to establish functional and operational homogeneity across international sites. Building upon the KNX platform, Hughes Electra offers a unique and enhanced feature-set to meet the specific demands of the hotel developer, operator and guest.

Smart cities

Current drivers for the creation of smart cities are the pursuit of energy conservation and the implementation of energy demand control. Energy demand control is a coordinated process whereby homes and businesses reduce their energy consumption at the moments when overall demand upon the electrical supply grid is at its highest.

Wherever Hughes Electra building automation systems are deployed, the integral intelligence can be utilised to provide electricity demand control. This is especially significant when our systems are coordinated across a campus, district or city. Renewable energies, batteries and manipulation of the loads inside apartments can all be coordinated to present smooth, peak free, final load to the grid.