Full control of a home within a single pre-configured box

Hughes Electra is the leader in unified building automation for world-class, new and refurbishment residential construction projects.

We provide uniquely innovative and elegant control systems using the internationally ratified KNX platform at the core. KNX is the unrivalled future of intelligent buildings and Hughes Electra has invested ten years to become is the most accomplished KNX design and contracting specialist in the UK.

Our systems are characterised by their superior feature-set, intuitive operation, ultra-high reliability and a refined architectural aesthetic. All this is achieved with efficiency and reduced contractual risk.

– Home automation
– Off-site monitoring
– Simple operation
– Backward compatibility


Our Integrated Power and KNX (IPAK) systems are the result of twenty-five years’ experience integrating technology into highly specified buildings.

Each IPAK is a pre-built, “boxed” solution – fully programmed, tested and certified in our assembly facility priory to delivery. Modular construction and a connectorised cable interface are common to all IPAK variants.


METS, our Mechanical and Electrical Telemetry System, facilitates remote monitoring and control. Operators and homeowners are able monitor and amend the system remotely providing a plethora of advantages.

Remote access presents ultimate control to the homeowner, enables rapid off-site diagnosis/alerts and can be utilised to improve the building’s efficiency.

KNX Products

The capabilities of KNX are evident in each button panel and touchscreen. Even the simplest KNX interface includes the capacity to control any feature of the connected infrastructure.

KNX is an open protocol and consequently over 400 manufactures produce KNX compatible components. This has resulted in a vast switch range suitable to match the aesthetic of any project.